Real Estate Law Assistance

C&G Properties Inc. offers Philippine Real Estate Law assistance for foreign companies and individuals doing business in the Philippines or those still looking to enter the Philippines. We work with small, medium size and multinational companies.

Real Estate Law, Property Ownership & Transactions
C&G assists companies as well as individual foreign nationals, Filipinos, OFW, Dual Citizens and Balikbayans with Real Estate ownership in the Philippines. We have experience in real estate transactions, absentee owners representations, development, titling of land, registration, verification, taxes, mortgages and foreclosures throughout the Philippines.

Philippines Real Estate Law Assistance
C&G advises on real estate transactions involving the acquisition and disposition of residential and commercial properties, financing, leasing, project development, joint ventures, consolidation, including land registration. A thorough investigation of land titles, due diligence and examination of claims upon property is an essential part of our practice. We could also do feasibility studies, financials, and up to whole project sales and marketing – through in-house and broker group formation.

We can provide advice on tax , project financing, corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture transactions, legal documentation, contract negotiations and land acquisition and development transactions. We draft agreements related to land and its improvements, such as sales, donations, lease, easements, and transfers made through hereditary succession. Legal advice pertaining to the tax implications is also provided by our Firm. We also do transfer of titles, individual property management, and project packaging. C&G treats all our clients with full confidentiaiity and professionalism.

Estate Planning and Probate Law
C&G Properties Inc. also assists companies as well as individual foreign nationals, Filipino and Balikbayan individuals with Real Estate, Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate in the Philippines. Estate tax & Post-Mortem Tax Planning, Wills & Trusts, Succession Planning and Inheritance is also handled by our group.

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