• Tandang Sora Townhouse Bargain !

    Posted on November 19, 2013 by in For Sale, House and Lot, Quezon City

    For those looking for a starter home that is centrally located, gated, and has security – here is a Quezon City townhouse project that we recommend that is reasonably priced and handsomely built.

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    Payments are CASH ONLY and Bank financing.

    If you have papers to support that you can pay through mortgage the banks, both AUB and Metrobank will need documents of your capacity to pay. Documents include your pay slip, your certificate of employment, your ITR. The banks may also ask for other proofs like your bank statements to support the mentioned documents if they still find the need to do so. For bank financing please make sure that you do not have ‘hits’ on your credits like unpaid credit cards or other unpaid debts as it will show when the banks does a credit investigation on you. A certificate of no marriage or marriage certificate will be needed also when you do bank financing.

    Should your papers be in order, bank financing is the easier path to owning this property or any property at that. Cash payment is the easiest as it only requires the whole amount to buy the property.

    In every property dealing there are taxes to be paid in transferring the title of the property from one owner’s name to the next. There are installations of Meralco and water lines also.

    Here is a sample closing cost for this project. Depending on when you will read this the figures may change:

    I. Full Down Payment of 20% or 30% to the developer.
    II. Approved Bank Loan of 80% or 70%.
    III. Paid Real Estate Mortgages (REM) directly to the Bank.
    IV. Paid Move In Fees of PhP 20,000.00 (inclusive of Meralco Meter) directly to the developer.
    V. Paid TCT Transfer Fees of PhP 90,000+- directly to the developer
    VI. Paid Water Meter Deposit and connection directly to MWCI office or at any authorized Bayad Center. Rate as of Nov. 2013 is PhP 8,266.30.

    Owning this townhouse is wiser than owning a condominium of the same price with a lesser floor area and WITH NO PARKING YET.

    Should you be ready to buy this property or would like a consultation in buying a property please get in touch at 0917-8225798 or email gnitafan@gmail.com

    Should you have a property you wish to sell and would like to get a FREE APPRAISAL of your property you may send your lot plan and vicinity map also to the indicated contact details.

    Thanks !

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